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Agency Foundations Challenge (Sep 8-24, $10,000 prize pool)

Join us September 8 to 24th for an "agency foundations" research challenge hosted by Alignment Jams and Apart Research. We will explore - and award prizes - in several areas of research all focusing on human agency preservation in A(G)I-human interactions.  Below we provide brief primers on each of these areas - but hope that more creative and novel ideas can be developed beyond these starting ideas.

Agency preserving RL & game theory AGI gyms ($2,500 prize pool)

Can we conceive of algorithms where AI systems evaluate and optimize for the preservation or increase of human agency rather than - or in addition to - truth, interpretability, corrigibility, sandboxing, value learning (ML/formal) etc?  Are safe-AI paradigms even possible in game theory when one agent is omnipotent relative the others? See here for more.

Agency (interpretability) in neural networks

($2,500 prize pool)

How do LLMs or DeepRL NNs represent other agents or themselves? Can we carry out mechanistic interpretability focusing both on behavior and network weights to characterize - and (re)direct - the emergence of agent and agency representation? See here for more.

The limits of (I)RL value learning from empirical data

($2,500 prize pool)

What are the limitations of extracting the true reward function or policy given non-infinite empirical behavior data? Does having access to the internal states (e.g. neural states) of an agent - in addition to the observable behavior - improve accuracy and could such processes undermine the agency of the observed agent? See here for more.

Conceptual and governance proposals centred on agency preservation ($2,500 prize pool)

In the presence of superhuman intelligent AI systems - and in light of the complexity of human knowledge and value creation - is it sufficient to seek AI systems aligned to truth, interpretability and optimal value representation? Can we red-team existing technical approaches from the agency-perspective? See here for more.

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